Here are selected educational videos from my YouTube channel.

Отделение двух кубсатов 1U+2U от транспортного-пускового контейнера

Стыковка космического буксира с космическим мусором с помощью троса

Yo-Yo de-spin simulation in Wolfram Mathematica

Движение створки головного обтекателя после отделения от носителя

Отделение наноспутника SamSat-218D, МКА “Михайло Ломоносов” и МКА “Аист-2Д” от БВ “Волга”

Модель захвата объекта космического мусора сетью (MSC.ADAMS)

MSC.ADAMS model of the separation of a 6U CubeSat with deployables.

Motion of a dumbbell satellite in a central gravitational field

Chebyshev’s walking mechanism (ADAMS simulation)

This video shows how to find the direction of Coriolis Acceleration.

Separation of cubesats from the upper stage of the Soyuz rocket.  This video was created for the presentation at the 4th Conference «Actual problems of rocket and space technology» (Samara, Russia, 14-18 Sep., 2015)

It’s a simple 2D model of the spacecraft separation process using spring pushers.

The Game of Life on a torus: the evolution of the Glider. This video was created to check homework of my students for an introductory course in MATLAB.

This video describes free attitude motion of a rigid body: derivation of the polhodes in the body frame, torque free motion of a rigid body about intermediate inertia axis.

Poinsot’s construction – is a geometrical interpretation of the torque-free motion of a rotating rigid body.

Docking with rotating space debris (orbital stage) utilize the nozzle as a docking port